What Does True North Chiropractic Offer?


True North is more than just our name.  It's what we believe and stand for.  True North is a fixed direction heading toward a desired location.  We use chiropractic care coupled with the concepts of eating well, thinking well, and moving well to deliver you true healthcare.  We make no apologies for what we do and how we do it.  We know that obtaining health should start with conservative measures before advancing to more aggressive tactics.  Chiropractic is drug-free, surgery-free, and needle-free.  If we feel your situation warrants the use of any of these approaches, we will gladly refer you to another professional who specializes in that area.

Society lives in a model that reacts to symptoms, pain, and disease after they occur, and then the problems are masked to allow you to forget about them.  This is not healthcare. This is sickcare.  At True North, we are much more interested in finding the cause of any problems you are experiencing. Pain and dysfunction are warning signs to alert us to underlying problems.  Once we detect and correct any subluxations (areas of the spine not moving correctly to allow proper nerve transmission) we look to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Natural solutions

Nature has been at work since the beginning of time, and our name plays heavily on nature and its innate wisdom.  It always finds a way to adapt and overcome any challenges.  Your body was designed to heal and regulate itself.  That is simply amazing.  The instant you were born your body had been programmed to effectively manage itself.  True North Chiropractic aims to work with the body, not against it, to assist the pre-installed systems that create health and wellness.


The body works from above down, inside out.  What does that mean exactly?  Your brain, the above, the True North, masterfully orchestrates every aspect of our lives.  Every cell, tissue, and organ is at its command.  The power of the brain is nearly limitless when it is allowed to function with no interference.  


Heading North is a way of life.  It takes you someplace tranquil.  It leads us to adventure. It rejuvenates our life.  Nobody ever headed up North for work and stress!  Our office aims to provide a similar experience.  We are a retreat from the chaos of life that gives you the recharge you need to tackle the world head on.  When you are functioning at your best, you are ready for anything.